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1. It seems the Board recognizes that when benefit reductions are the result of policy changes, the policy needs to be grandfathered.

2. They seem to recognize that there needs to be discussion and consensus with faculty/staff before making policy changes.

3. It seems they now recognize that the school policies need to be on file in the Mitaka Labor Office.

4.  It seems they recognize that contracts and policies need to be followed and cannot be unilaterally changed. 


April 21, 2005 FASST Meeting - Minutes

FSC asked if all policies will be "grandfathered" for current faculty and staff. The admin replied that, no, only those so noted will be recommended for grandfathering. All of these proposals have been checked with the school lawyer and those that are not grandfathered are viewed as not taking away a benefit from current employees.


Given the above:

April 27, 2005:  Our 10th arbitration meeting.  We have come to an agreement.  We thank you for your support.  Unfortunately, any agreement with the Board must be done in confidentiality (their requirement), rather than the open and transparent manner in which we would like this matter to be discussed.  See letter of Agreement on sidebar.  

Present and Past ASIJ Teachers' Union members:

Ron Dirkse    Bill Jacobsson    Mid Squier   

John Hohenthaner    Marguerite Arnote   

John O'Leary    Jaqui Tolin    Ann Burkhardt

Please drop us a line or contact the Board and/or Headmaster.

Board of Directors

Tim Carr -- Headmaster